simCNC Changelog

simCNC 3.503 

000591/000592 – Fixed problem of missing license for the virtual controller when the computer had more than one network card.
000575 – The problem of simCNC overload in the case of long and demanding paths has been fixed (the problem has existed since version 3.500).
000579 – Additional messages were added about the inability to perform G41/G42 compensation.
000578 – The problem of simCNC freezing has been fixed (no response from simCNC) when the following conditions are met:
 – the simCNC configuration window is open
 – there is no connection with the CSMIO/IP controller
 – we will select the „Device Selection“ option
000576 – Improved operation of the „Inverted“ option for digital output signals in the simCNC configuration. From now on, this option works in real-time, and not as before after switching simCNC to the ENABLE state.
000582 – Fixed issue where Python actions were occasionally unable to be stopped manually.
000583 – Fixed operation of G80, it now cancels the drilling cycle correctly.
000584 – Fixed bug that caused simCNC (DMP file) to crash when we click the Diagnostics tab in the Gui Editor.
000588 – The ability to use a slash in the profile name has been blocked.
000587 – Fixed problem of Python actions not stopping when changing the simCNC profile.
000585 – Added support for carriage return to the beginning of the line in the Python console („\r“ handlers).
000593 – The description of tool parameters in the machine parameters table has been tidied up.
000594 – Improved operation of G28 (intermittent problem and occurred in a unique gcode sequence)
000595 – Fixed an occasional problem with gcode not executing on the G4 command.

simCNC 3.502 

000402 / 000082:

  1. Improved operation of the „Inverted“ option for the „Drive Enable“ and „Drive Reset“ signals.
  2. Removed „Disable outputs when E-stop“ option
  3. Added automatic shutdown of the output synchronous with the movement trajectory (M62 and M63) when E-stop.

This is to prevent, for example, leaving the laser head or the valve responsible for dispensing glue turned on when E-stop.

000562 – The number of places (before and after the decimal point) for the „steps per unit“ value in the module settings has been increased.
000561 – Improved MPG accuracy for rotary axes.
000567 – Improved MPG dynamics and precision when changing the axis movement direction at high speeds.
000569 – Fixed warning about network card power saving mode enabled when a computer was equipped with more than one network card.

simCNC 3.501 

000506 – problem with units (mm/inch) in CSMIO-MPG module settings has been fixed
000538 – Fixed display of the green frame in the GUI editor for TabWidgetFrame.
000534 – added option to move TabWidgetFrame by dragging, cutting, and copying.
000541 – the “Drives power on” signal has been improved
000546 – the problem of missing path to Python in the case of a clean simCNC 3.500 installation has been fixed (the problem manifested itself in non-working Python macros).
000543 – Full support extended to G59.250 material bases
000545 – Added a message about violating the soft limit in case of issuing a move command from the MDI line
and other fixes
000554 – The problem of seemingly updating work offsets has been fixed. The problem was that the table of work offsets allowed to change the value of work offsets, but simCNC did not take them into account when they were in a state other than IDLE and ESTOP.
000552 – Added configuration of the RRO potentiometer (fast movements – G0) in the simCN settings.
000551 – Fixed an issue with MotionKit settings being lost after a sudden loss of network connection.
000550 Fixed a false arc error message when the arc start point was specified by a different work offset than its endpoint.
000540 – Added message when Python path is missing.
000436 – Improved the response time of the tooltip system in the macro editor.
The line number in the macro error messages was also corrected to match the actual line number (there was an offset of 1 line).

simCNC 3.500

000524 reduction of the allowed minimum homing speed
000522 fix – G10 with rotary axes
000519 fix – tool compensation
000517 Python – deactivation of „M1 skipping enabled“ function
000516 Python – getSignalIDAssignedToAnalogIO and getSignalIDAssignedToDigitalIO functions
000515 fix – input „Axis n velocity“
000513 Python – getGCodeMinPosition and getGCodeMaxPosition functions
000511 Python – getSimCncVersion functions
000510 Python – MSG class windows with „always on top“ attribute
000507 fix – GUI editor – deleting group name
000505 fix – css – PushButton:hover
000504 fix – Python function – exit(errorCode)
000500 fix – input „tool diameter number“
000499 fix – RRO
000496 fix – access to some widgets from scripts
000495 fix – Names of deg/s units
0000494 fix – “start/stop/finish” reaction configuration in “spindle” tab
0000492 fix – numpad controlled jog
0000489 when trying to set the value on the output assigned to the signal, information which signal is assigned
0000488 include G20/G21 in Feedrate (F… command)
0000487 fix – THC digital signals with “Inverted” enabled
0000486 fix – python executeGCode function right after starting simCNC
0000485 option “show load g-code status dialog” in configuration
0000479 fix – LaserMode.Cut
0000474 more specific exception message for Python executeGCode function
0000473 clearer homing failure error message
0000471 Python function getCurrentAxisVelocity
0000468 fix – ability to disable simCNC with “disable stop sources” enabled and script enabled in macro editor
0000465 “Window always on top” option in “CSMIO/IP Monitor” window
0000466 GUI editor – ability to assign input returning “float” to “led interval”
0000462 fix – progress bar
0000442 Python functions: isAnalogIOAssignedToSignal and isDigitalIOAssignedToSignal
000478: css is set for the whole window, not just MainLayout
000482: fix – “orientation” in GUI editor
000483: fix – trajectory time counting
and other fixes
000227: Tool Diameter Compensation (G40/41/42)
000396: Optional execution/non-execution of M1 during trajectory
000409: Speed limit enable/disable
000439: 255 spindle gears
and fixes

simCNC 3.423

Fixes in GUI editor for Linux.
Fixed issues with analog inputs and outputs calibration (the problem concerned a small group of CSMIO/IP controllers).

simCNC 3.422 

000450: Occasional crashes during computer sluggishness and FRO changes at the same time
000451: Occasional errors while disconnecting the CSMIO controller
000455: Error trying to remove MainLayout in the GUI editor
000457: Occasional bugs when using undo/redo in the GUI editor

simCNC 3.421

000448: Occasional EPID errors during trajectory execution
000449: Some elements do not exit edit mode when GUI editor is turned off

simCNC 3.420

– Extended optimization: previously there was arc optimization, now there is additional segment optimization and skipping segments shorter than optimization precision (parameters 4150-4154)
– G28.1 and G28.1Px – homing
– 256 material bases
– Gcode editing window set immediately to the same position as in the gcode list
– Stop movement between segments if one of them moves only in XYZ axes and the other only in ABC axes
– Stop counting path time after pressing pause, and at macro execution time
– Signal of permission to reference

Python: Throw an exception if a function fails:
* executeGCode
* executeHoming
* executeAxisHoming

Python: new features:
* getDeviceInfo
* setSpindleGear
* getSpindleGear
* getCurrentScriptInfo
* getRunningScriptsInfo

simCNC 3.413

Soft limit fix for rotary axis

simCNC 3.412 

00000357: change – the interpreter has so far tolerated the notation of X0.-100 (and other similar), recognizing that it is about: zero subtract a hundred. Currently, square brackets [ ] are required for arithmetic operations in a gcode.
00000365: fix – a few commands S … line under the line
00000366: fix – css widgets in Dark mode for Windows
00000369: fix – sometimes the program turned off when starting the trajectory from a line
00000370: fix – deconfiguration of active signals did not deactivate a signal value
00000371: fix – a very rare crash after a script is finished
00000372: fix – starting from a line with arriving segments, when configuring base units = Imperial, current units = Metric
00000373: fix – Incorrectly appearing message „Bad arc parameters“
00000376: fix – epid from time to time
– Fixed a bug that caused problems with position counters on some IPA controllers
– protection against slowing down of the program in the case of a very large number of messages in the Python console
– fix – G90/G91

simCNC v3.410 / plugin Mach4 v3.410:

0000024: Korrekturen in der Diagnose der Netzverbindung – Zeitinformation bei Verbindungsabbruch 0000081: Mach4-Schrauben-Mapping
0000212: getAtributte(„axis…Referenced“) liefert nuli zu der ersten Referenzierung zurück
0000217: zu lange Verzögerung nach Aufruf der Methode d.waitForZeroVelocity()
0000222: Automatische Neuberechnung der Softlimit-Grenzen, falls erforderlich
0000231: Kein Schutz vor Zuweisung der „id” eines Widgets mit einem Leerzeichen
0000251: Maschinenparametertabelle – direkt in der Tabelle editierbar
0000153: Fehler „IO Signal not assigned“ wenn der X-Achse kein MotionKit zugewiesen ist
0000187: Problem mit der Anzeige von Softlimit-Grenzen behoben
0000191: Problem beim Aktualisieren des Fensters „Aktive Python-Aktionen“ – Lichtbogenverlust-Aktion verschwindet nicht (Plasma)
0000206: Keine Option „Run script“ in „Output: returnPressed“ für „LineEdit“-Widget
0000219: Korrekturen d.executeGCodeList( ) und d.executeGCode( )
0000224: Korrektur in der Anzeige der aktuellen Zustände der digitalen Ausgänge auf dem simCNC-Bildschirm
0000238: G10 und A-Achse – funktioniert in Radianten statt in Grad
0000173: Änderung des Profils auf neu erstelltes Profil – setzt ESTOP-Signalkonfiguration nicht zurück
0000188: Problem mit der Anzeige der Werkzeuglänge.
0000202: Problem mit Bögen bei der Umstellung der Einheiten von Zoll auf metrische Einheiten
0000207: Problem mit arithmetischen Operationen an Maschinenparametern
0000215: Problem mit der Geschwindigkeit einer Achse, z. B. der Z-Achse, wenn eine unabhängige Achse verwendet wird
0000221: Python wartet nicht, bis die Bewegungsfunktion beendet ist, sondern springt zu der nächsten Makrozeile.
0000228: Das Pausieren des simCNC-Betriebs vom Bildschirm aus generiert nicht die Aktionen „Trajectory Pause On“ und „Trajectory Pause Off“
0000246: Funktion Smart Limits hinzugefügt
0000179: JOG-Funktion von digitalen Eingängen hinzugefügt
0000189: Problem mit der Berechnung der gcode-Ausführungszeit
0000204: Fehler in der Meldung für G04 P…
0000250: Speicherleck in simCNC 3.406
0000214: CSMIO/IP-A Autotuning-Startprobleme in der „alpha v3410“-Version
0000120: CANOpen-Modul-Update stürzt beim Heiß-Anschluss ab
0000248: Neustart des CSMIO/IP-S 3410 „alpha“-Controllers
0000264: Gui-Editor – Screen wird nicht gespeichert, wenn der Editor unmittelbar nach der Bearbeitung des Widgets ausgeschaltet wird – X
0000262: Funktion zum Löschen von Meldungen aus dem simCNC-Bildschirm
0000258: Fehler bei der Zuweisung eines Wertes zu einem Maschinenparameter
0000256: Möglichkeit hinzufügen, Maschinenparameter als Offset-Nummer zu verwenden.
0000253: Fehler in der Tastaturerfassung bei geöffnetem Bildschirm-Editor und Skript-Editor
0000244: keine Meldung bei fehlender Berechtigung zum Ändern der gcode-Datei

Darüber hinaus:

  • Deutsche Sprachversion von simCNC hinzugefügt
  • Unterstützung für die Positionierung von Spindelachsen hinzugefügt (Mach4)
  • Refactoring und Optimierung von simCNC-Code und Mach4-Plugin
  • Methode gui.widget.executeOutput hinzugefügt
  • Korrektur von device.getLaserPowerCurve()
  • Methode device.waitForTrajectoryFinished() hinzugefügt
  • Korrektur – device.enableMachine()
  • Korrektur – dreifaches Laden des Bildschirms nach Verbindungsabbruch und Wiederherstellung der Verbindung
  • Korrektur – Hervorhebung der ausgewählten Zeile in GCodeList
  • Style css für GCodeList
  • Korrektur – G10 mit Drehachse

Important note!

SimCNC 3.410 release has a lot of internal improvements and despite our special efforts and an extremely long test period, there may be some minor inconveniences. For this reason, we have made the simCNC 3.406 offline version available, which, together with the previously made simCNC 3.406 profile copy, allows you to quickly return to the previous version. If so far you have not used simCNC 3.410, make a backup of the profile before installing it, because the simCNC 3.410 profile is incompatible with earlier versions of simCNC.



Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000193: Change of the default font in the macro editor to a fixed-width font
0000148: Protection against encoder signal loss – CSMIO/IP-A
0000186: Homing visualization – switch activation point in relation to encoder index
0000185: Probe signals in the diagnostics tab in default screens
0000184: Blocked error messages when configuration window is open
0000183: Information about current axis state for homing errors message
0000182: Fixed: connection with CSMIO/IP error after firmware update
0000181: Greying out lineEdit from softlimit, when softlimit is disabled for axis
0000180: PID configuration in the configuration menu (CSMIO/IP-A)
0000050: Combining screen files with a machine profile
0000178: XYZ/ABC optimization value added to machine parameters


  • Redesigned plasma cutter and torch height control (THC) support.
  • Simplified and improved configuration of the motion planner
  • Corrections and improvements for 4-axis processing and tangential axis processing.

Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000061: saving (css) new screen files
0000062: files loading time
0000069:  unclear button description in the screen selection window
0000073:  not moving cs file when copying a screen from default
0000084: rounding work offset (e.g. G54)
0000085:  Gui issue – marks „:” and „/”
0000094:  List of commands entered in MDI
0000098: Screen editor – undo changes issue.
0000099: An axis doesn’t stop after pressing the Stop button (motion activated by d.moveToPosition())
0000103: Window with a warning about values of CV angles and a tangent knife
0000104: Python function indicating if a gcode is loaded.
0000105: Enabling a tangential axis does not cause the „Z Lift Angle“ value converting
0000106: Incorrect descriptions of parameters in the „Motion planner“ window.
0000107: Unnecessary message from a tangential knife when simCNC is not connected.
0000109: „Homing offset“ parameter (CSMIO/IP-S) a slave drive on an axis can move at a different velocity than a master.
0000110: Tangential knife orientation marker missing.
0000112: Error in the algorithm of the correct values message for a tangential knife.
0000113: Problem with the indication of limit switches signal
0000114: „Smart Limits“ function issue (axes X, Y)
0000118: Password protection for the screen editor.
0000121: No option for changing a color of a gcode in the editor window.
0000123: G04 command – no option to enter a machine parameter in an argument (e.g. G04 P#101)
0000124: Reconnection in simCNC
0000126: Issues with epid errors when a tangential knife is enable.
0000129: Disconnection of a controller and assert when using too low resolution of MPG step.
0000141: simCNC, when resuming gcode changes the tool length offset if there was an offset change in the next line.
0000142: When resuming a gcode from the first line of a drilling cycle, a Z axis is not raised to a safe position.
0000143: Wider description of error message in case of incompatible arc parameters
0000145: Python function does not warn you when an argument is missing
0000146: Inconsistent behavior of simCNC 3.307 and 3.308 on M62 and M63
0000147: Renamed activity for the spindle on trajectory stop and start  
0000149: DRO „Feed“ property correction
0000150: Input „Axis … abs position“ does not refresh the widget text on the screen
0000156: function d.executeProbing – problem with a parameter
0000162: Tangential knife issue – Does not slow down on polynomial joining segment
0000165: „Font Selection“ in the GUI editor – does not show the currently set font correctly


  • G28/G30 incorrect behavior when a machine was already in G28 position
  • correction in calculating the processing time for some files


  • (simCNC) Correction – probing with rotary axis enable
  • (simCNC) Correction – calculation of distance for acceleration during laser engraving
  • (simCNC) Correction – path tester
  • (simCNC) multi-threaded gcode loading
  • (simCNC) Correction – OpenGL display


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